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The History of .357 SIG Ammunition

In 1994, Swiss-German company SIG SAUER and the American company Federal Premium Ammunitions collaborated to introduce the .357 SIG cartridge. The .357 SIG was designed to replicate the velocity and stopping power of the .357 Magnum but was designed for semi-automatic pistols. Its rimless, bottlenecked case replicated the velocity and stopping power of the .357 Magnum. .

The original bullet size was .357 inches, but it was quickly reduced to .355 inches for easier use. In its standard form, it contained 125-grain bullets (gr), which were the same average weight as a .357 Mag bullet, making it the first bottleneck commercial handgun cartridge since the early 1960s. This bullet reaches an average velocity of 1,350 feet per second (fps) and muzzle energy of over 500-foot poundforce (ft·lbs), making it easily comparable to the standard .357 Magnum ammunition.


Many internet sources claim the .357 SIG case is a sized-down .40 S&W case, but that isn’t quite accurate. The case of the .357 SIG is slightly longer (.009 inch) and thicker throughout, making it more similar to a sized-down 10mm.  .

Types Of .357 SIG Ammunition:

Due to the diverse needs of different shooters, ammunition for the .357 SIG comes in a variety of forms. Some of the most common .357 SIG ammunition can be found in the following forms.:

Full metal jacket (FMJ)

In FMJ ammo, lead bullets are encased in copper, a harder metal. Due to the fact that they do not expand like self-defense rounds, this type of bullet is frequently used as practice ammo for .357 SIG guns. It is often the most readily available type of ammunition when buying bulk .357 SIG ammunition. .

Jacketed hollow point (JHP)

As with JHP ammo, it contains a lead bullet coated in a harder metal, but with this round, the bullet has a hollow core at its center. On impact, the bullet expands, producing a larger wound and greater stopping power. It also prevents overpenetration, so it is commonly found in police firearms and self-defense rounds.

Total metal jacket (TMJ)

In FMJ bullets, a portion of the lead ball is exposed inside the cartridge casing because the whole bullet is not encased in metal. A TMJ bullet, on the other hand, is encased in copper or another hard metal. Some indoor gun ranges require these bullets because they limit lead 357 sig ammo

A full metal jacket – flat point (FMJ-FP)

FMJ-FP ammo consists of a full metal jacketed bullet with a flat tip at the end (as opposed to .40 S&W and 9mm). Target shooting often uses these bullets because they leave crisp holes in paper, almost like they cut it through rather than tearing it. Additionally, they are more effective in self-defense than FMJ rounds.357 sig ammo in stock today for sale.

.357 Magnum vs. 357 SIG

In spite of being modeled after the .357 Mag, the Magnum cartridge has more data, especially in defensive shooting scenarios, than the SIG. It is evident, however, that the .357 SIG is as capable as the .357 Magnum by examining the ballistic details.

This round has slightly more power (by .002 inches), a rimmed cartridge, and a thicker casing than the .357 SIG. The .357 Mag has a velocity of 1,450 fps and a force of 583 ft*lbs when compared to full metal jacket ammo with 125-grain bullets. The 125-grain bullet in a .357 SIG reaches 1,350 fps and has a force of 506 ft·lbs. 125 gr bullets reach 1,450 fps and have a force of 583 ft*lbs with a flattened tip, which is common for the .357 SIG.357 sig ammo seek

In comparison,

semi-automatic pistol cartridges have higher pressures than Magnum cartridges, which utilize magnum primers and have a pressure of 35,000 psi as opposed to 40,000 psi for .357 SIG.

The .357 SIG bullet has a lot in common with these ammunitions, but once it reaches weights of over 125 grams, it loses its power and its performance starts to slack off. It’s still capable at 135 and 145 grams, but its speed and impact can’t match the .357 Magnum’s.357 sig ammo buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is .357 SIG Ammo?

Federal Ammunition and SIG SAUER collaborated on the .357 SIG cartridge, which mimics the speed and stopping power of the .357 Magnum but is fireable from a semi-automatic pistol. .

What is the most accurate .357 SIG ammo?

The .357 SIG round itself is highly accurate with a long trajectory, so most manufactured cartridges are accurate. Compared to other semi-automatic cartridges of similar size like the 10mm or .40 S&W, this trajectory makes it more accurate at distance. Make sure you choose a quality ammunition company like Federal, Winchester, or Hornady. .

How much does .357 SIG ammo Cost?

The price of .357 SIG rounds isn’t cheap because the round isn’t overly popular and costs more than other-sized cartridges. A .357 SIG round costs $0.35 on average per round, 45 ACP ammo costs $0.25 per round, and a .357 Magnum round costs $0.265 per round. You can save a lot by ordering in bulk. 357 SIG Ammo For Sale.

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