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The History Of 38 Special Ammo:

Cartridges of the World reports that the .38 Special cartridge was first introduced in 1902 and has been a significant part of the firearms industry ever since. The rimmed, centerfire .38 Special is most commonly used in revolvers; however, the caliber has been chambered for other firearms as well, such as carbines and semiautomatic pistols..38 Special Ammo For Sale

Its been referred to as the .38 Smith & Wesson Special, the .38 Colt Special, 9×29.5mmR, or 9.1x29mmR at various times over the years. The standard round measures 1.455 inches long, weighs 158 grains and travels at 755 feet per second..38 Special Ammo For Sale.

When the .38 Special was developed, it replaced the .38 Long Colt, a cartridge that had limited stopping power and proved ineffective in combat. There was a need for ammunition that was more powerful, more accurate, and more versatile, and the 38 Special vs. 38 Long Colt exceeded that standard, which was exactly what the firearm manufacturers intended. This new 38 Special cartridge has improved power, accuracy, and versatility over its predecessor..38 Special Ammo For Sale.

Its power and punch have made the .38 Special a popular shooting cartridge over the years – making it quite easy to find cheap .38 Special ammunition today.

Types Of 38 Special Ammunition:

There are various types of .38 ammo available, just like other firearm cartridges. The majority of .38 Special revolvers are capable of reliably firing different cartridges and loads, even when these variances are loaded into the same cylinder, unlike many other firearms..38 Special Ammo For Sale.

Due to the wide range of available loads, many shooters prefer guns chambered in .38 Special. There have also been many handloaders who have come to adore the cartridge, which has become their go-to choice..38 Special Ammo For Sale

The following are some of the most popular .38 Special loads:

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ):

In these cartridges, the bullets are made from lead and are covered in hard metal. Their casings are made of brass, steel, or aluminum.

Jacketed hollow point (JHP): 

This .38 Special cartridge is designed with a hollow point in the middle of the bullet, increasing its expansion ability when it hits a target..38 Special Ammo For Sale.


The .38 Special +P ammo was originally designed for the FBI and is loaded under higher pressure, creating more velocity and power..38 Special Ammo For Sale


This ammo is often reserved for duty workers, such as law enforcement and military personnel, as they are loaded under greater pressure than +P ammo.

Wadcutter and semi-wadcutter: 

Bullets with flat-tipped tips are primarily used in scoring paper targets, as they cut cleanly through the paper and improve judges’ ability to score accurately.


It is important to note that frangible bullets do not expand on impact like JHP rounds. In place of overpenetration risk, .38 Special rounds explode and shatter into small pieces (as long as the target is harder than the bullet), a process known as Advanced Energy Transfers (AETs)..38 Special Ammo For Sale

Total metal jacket (TMJ): 

.38 Special TMJ ammo is similar to FMJ ammo, but the difference is that the lead bullet is encased in copper and has less lead exposure than FMJ bullets, which have an exposed area on the inside of the casing..38 special ammo +p

Round nose: 

As an alternative to the round nose commonly used for .38 Special, the standard-issue ammo uses the flat tip popularized by the 1909 Colt..38 Special Ammo For Sale

The Most Popular Brands Of .38 Special Ammo.

There are a number of ammunition manufacturers that make .38 Special cartridges. Some of the best brands include:

Federal .38 Special

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