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The .444 Marlin was introduced in 1964 as a big bore, lever-action rifle cartridge suitable for all North American games up to 200 yards away. .444 Marlin ammo is an excellent hunting round because of its power, as well as the ease of use of a lever-action platform.444 marlin ammo midwayusa.

.444 Marlin Ammo: History & Overview

When Marlin Firearms and Remington Arms teamed up in 1964 to make a cartridge that filled the void caused by the absence of .45-70 lever-action rifles, they created a cartridge that became the most popular cartridge of the time. During the development of the cartridge, designers at Marlin and Remington took a .44 Magnum case, lengthened it by nearly an inch, and capped it with a jacketed soft point bullet weighing 240 grains. The diameter of the bullet is actually 0.429 inches, the same as the diameter of the bullet in a .44 Magnum cartridge. Despite the similarity with the .44 Magnum, the .444 Marlin is on a whole new level of performance compared to that of its .44 Magnum counterpart.marlin 444 rifle prices

There are three types of bullets available for the .444 Marlin. Soft points, flat noses, or hollow points are the designs of these bullets. The .444 Marlin cartridge has a muzzle velocity between 2,350 feet per second and is, therefore, more than adequate for hunting most games in North America. With muzzle velocities more than 1,650 feet per second and energy levels of more than 1,600 foot-pounds at 200 yards, Hornady released .444 Marlin ammo with their new LEVERevolution line.

The growing popularity of cowboy action shooting has led to a growing demand for .45-70 rifles. A number of manufacturers have responded to this increase by making lever-action rifles in this caliber. This has resulted in sharp decreases in the number of .444 Marlin rifles sold. Despite a decline in demand for .444, hunters still value the cartridge for its powerful, hard-hitting bullet that is perfect for long shots across a clear clearing in the woods and in dense brush.

.444 Marlin Ammo: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the .444 Marlin a good round?

This rifle and caliber allowed the user to hunt bears, deer, elk, and moose up to 200 or 250 yards thanks to a muzzle velocity of 2,350 fps and 2,942 foot-pounds of energy generated by the bullet.

Are 444 Marlins good for deer?

There is no doubt that this rifle will make killing your next white-tailed deer a piece of cake. Its recoil is manageable, its terminal ballistics are adequate at moderate ranges, and its Hornady ammo will be a sure bet for success. 444 marlin ammo midwayusa. 444 marlin ammo in stock.444 marlin ammo bass pro.

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